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Why Artificial Grass is Perfect For Pets

Are you worried that should you change from a natural lawn to fake grass that your pets won’t like it? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve seen many of our customers have pet-friendly artificial grass installed in their garden and they’ve seen their pets flourish. That’s because our artificial grass is better and more superior than it was several years ago. It’s non-slip, durable and extremely versatile, and saves you so much in hard work. Trust us when we say that your pets are going to love it. 

Comfort, softness and no bald patches.

Fake grass for pets is all about comfort, because like us they like something soft, warm and comforting to walk, run and play on. Our fake grasses are exactly like that and as a result we’ve seen dogs adapt to it pretty quickly, cats aren’t too fussed either way because as we know, cats are just fine as long as they’re getting their favourite biscuits and fuss when they need it. It’s so similar to a real grass lawn, looking almost identical in touch and feel, the one (among many others) good thing about it and a clear benefit, is that it can’t be dug up or suffer bald patches in winter. 

A surface that’s fun to walk or play on.

It can make so much difference to a dog’s quality of life and artificial grass for dogs offers the kind of surface that’s kind for those short furry legs. The grass is always the same length and you can get shorter piles, so your dog is always walking on the same surface, the grass is never too much for them to navigate. This will encourage him/her to go out more often so you if you can’t manage a walk that day, the garden is going to offer them some much needed exercise and fresh air. 

Shorter piles, easy to clean.

We mentioned shorter piles, and there are some distinctive advantages to having a shorter pile, because it’s easier to clean and it’s far easier to scoop up solids and dispose of them hygienically. Aesthetically, it also looks beautiful, like a freshly mown summer lawn – and that’s all year long. 

Natural grass vs artificial grass.

Sometimes your dog or cat likes to pick a spot and that becomes their favourite place to sit, when there’s natural grass however, that can get slightly bald because the grass can die. With artificial grass you can wash these particular areas with soap and water and brush them gently to bring up the individual pile if it’s flattened slightly through constantly lying on it. If they kick back, or your worried their claws will tear into it, don’t worry, fake grass is tough and has an even tougher backing that’s extremely durable. It won’t get ruined by people or animals enjoying themselves!

The Turf Warehouse – for the best in artificial grasses for dogs and cats.

Fake grass doesn’t need much looking after other than the occasional brushing or soapy wash. For the rest of the time, you can just enjoy it – your pets will thank you for it! Why not give us a call now to discuss your requirements, and a member of our team will be more than happy to talk things through with you.

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