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Unique Uses for Artificial Grass

Today we’re talking about unique uses for artificial grass, why? Because we think you’ll find that artificial grass is great for many different things as well as just lawn coverage. If you thought artificial grass was a one trick pony, then read on and find out about the different ways you can use artificial grass.

Indoors. Yes, You Heard Us

There are people out there who are increasingly using artificial grass as surface coverage indoors. Whether it’s in offices, or games rooms at home, or in a child’s bedroom, artificial grass is the go to coverage for someone with a sense of fun. It’s also incredibly relaxing too, it’s a nice soft surface for your feet, and it’s durable with great longevity.

Reptile Love

Yes reptiles. It’s often used in tanks, apparently, they love the green colour and it’s great to clean too. The grass lasts a long time, as it does in most situations, so the reptiles can crawl around on it for quite some time before you’ll need to replace it.

Yoga, Anyone?

Yoga mats made of artificial grass give a real natural feel to the session. If you like outdoor yoga, or in the gym, but for some reason neither are possible, then why not create an artificial grass yoga mat and you can have an outdoor session indoors.

Child’s Bedrooms For Footy Fun

Do your children love football or golf? Why not give them an artificial grass surface then, it’ll give their bedroom an outdoor feel where they can have the grass as a carpet and play games on a soft, safe surface.

Golf- Practice That Swing

If you love golf, you could turn either your garage floor or any spare room into a golf course. You can play golf whenever you feel like it, get a few shots in and practice your swing.

Games Room

Why not have a dedicated games, media, cinema room for the whole family and give it an artificial grass surface? What’s not to love about that idea, a grassy oasis which your feet will love while you relax watching your favourite films together as a family.

The Turf Warehouse – For Quality Artificial Grass

So now you have a few unique ideas for the use of artificial grass. It can really turn your rooms into fun areas in which to relax. Here at The Turf Warehouse, we have a versatile selection of grasses you can choose from and if you choose to purchase from us, we can advise and provide full support throughout the installation.

Get in touch today and get your artificial grass surface in place for your favourite people and places.

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