Artificial Grass Garden

Start Your 2020 Off with an Artificial Turf Installation

We’re almost halfway through January 2020 already, and we’ve survived and left Christmas behind. You may be spending several minutes of your day staring forlornly into the garden wondering why in hell did you leave your garden to the devices of winter and all it brings. You may also be wondering about where you’ll start when it comes to your garden, the bushes, the trees, the lawn, or the flower beds perhaps?

If you have artificial grass installed, you can kiss the lawn goodbye for a start.

That’ll just leave you with the hedges, trees and flower beds. An artificial lawn only requires the occasional clean and brush up and removal of any debris that’s flown in on the wind, and that’s it. There’s no mowing and no chemicals to add to keep the bugs, weeds and moss away. 

Allergen Free.

In the summer it’s even better because if you suffer with allergies, you can go outside and spend time in the summer in a way you never could before. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that your new grass isn’t going to be giving you any hay-fever anytime soon. That also applies to pets and children, so you can all go outside and spend time in the sun. 

Do you have a family that enjoys spending time outdoors?

Then perhaps you’re a little fed up with the amount of grass and mud that gets dragged in on the reg from the garden outside. That’s more cleaning up you have to do as well as everything else and with artificial grass that’s it, over and done with. Just a nice lush green lawn all year long. 

Dogs love artificial grass, they won’t be put off by the change of surface and neither will cats, if you have any.

Artificial grass for dogs and pets has grown increasingly more popular over the last few years. Your four-legged friend will love the surface and if they do go outside and use it as a toilet, then have no fear, solids are easy to pick up and dispose of and liquids will drain nicely through the surface to the permeable membrane beneath.

Artificial grass is extremely durable and will last for many years.

It’s also low maintenance and once it’s installed that’s it, it’ll give you years of pleasure. You’ll be able to go out in it whenever you want and never have to worry about allergies, the pets, the children or even yourself. It’s just a gorgeously pleasant surface to relax and unwind on. 

The Turf Warehouse – for quality artificial grass installation.

Convinced you’d like to make 2020 the year you change over to a fake grass install? Well, look no further than The Turf Warehouse. We have a wide range of quality piles from which to choose and we can even help you choose the right one for your needs. We can also come and install it for you if you wish, you can install it yourself, but perhaps you really don’t feel like putting yourself through all that hard work and would prefer leaving it to a professional. That’s great, we love to install our artificial grasses, and help our clients make the most of it by making sure it’s a great fit.
Get in touch today and we can discuss your needs and what type of artificial grass is right for you.

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