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Why Laying Artificial Grass in a Brand-New Garden Requires Care and Attention

We believe that artificial grass is the way forward to having a beautiful, lush, pristine garden that will have you amazed at how good it looks – but without the hard work of a natural lawn. We’re giving you some great reasons why you need to lay artificial grass carefully in a brand-new garden. We follow our own methods for laying artificial grass, ones based on years of experience, we do this for all our clients and because of this, we always get great results.

New gardens give you a topsoil with lots of different minerals

Don’t let your garden be an eyesore, think about how you can lay artificial grass and dispense with all the hassle of mowing and weeding a natural lawn. However, once you’ve made the decision to go with artificial grass, make sure the soil is at the right condition for this to be a stress-free installation. New gardens will have had topsoil which contains all kinds of rocks, clay and stones, and having been added manually by the builders, it won’t have had much time to compact at all. When it rains, it can often result in bog like conditions, and this can have quite an adverse effect on any new surface.

Summer time can make the soil in your new garden very dry

If you lay artificial grass in summer, the soil may be quite dry. You don’t want to cut corners and lay it down directly as the ground may be too hard. After rain, as we’ve already mentioned, it’ll get boggy, then potentially flood, and you’ll be left with a poor draining, uneven lawn. In all likelihood you’ll need to start again.

Here at The Turf Warehouse we like to remove quite a bit of the topsoil and go down to the softer more malleable subsoil. We can then start building some foundations, sometimes we’ll remove at least 18 inches if we think it’s necessary for a perfect installation. We want your artificial grass, once it’s laid, to last you a long time, with the durability to give you many, many years of functionality, and fun times with your family.

A perfect installation is always best

We like to make sure the groundwork is perfect, and we have the kind of team that can bring all of this together perfectly. This coupled with our individual expertise means we get the laying of the grass absolutely perfect first time. There are no cutting corners, we’ll lay down the lower layers, and always top it all off with whatever’s needed to keep the artificial grass secure.

Quality Artificial Grass From The Turf Warehouse

The results we end up with are usually perfect, it’s not often we get any lumps or bumps, because we treat the laying of the artificial grass with such great care. This is why we’re the premier installers of artificial grass in West Lothian, especially for new gardens. Contact us today if you’ve moved in to a house with a new garden and we’ll talk to you about your options for installing artificial grass.

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