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How to look after your artificial grass this winter

The good news is that your artificial grass doesn’t need the same amount of care as natural grass. There is a minimum amount of care needed, but there are no chemicals required, no mowing and no sprinklers either which means you save on utility bills This is why so many people choose artificial grass, because it’s versatile and minus all that hard work. It’s probably one of the many fantastic reasons why you chose artificial grass.

Routine maintenance.

However, even in winter, you’ll need to carry out some routine maintenance on your artificial grass. It’ll be far more manageable and there’ll be less to do come Spring. Don’t worry it will only require little attention throughout the winter months with some basic, routine tasks. 

What can I do when there’s frost and snow?

It shouldn’t have a massive impact on your artificial grass lawn; however, it might be a good idea not to walk on it because the fibres could snap. Therefore, try to stay off it if you can. Leave snow and frost to drain away as it melts through the grass, it should have a good drainage system built into it, and you will have sorted this out prior to installation. Underneath your grass there should be a good layer of quality material that will help to absorb any liquids that come through.

Plastic implements.

Use a plastic shovel to remove snow and frost if it becomes impacted and there’s lots of it, because that can harm the grass if it freezes and turns into blocks of ice.  Don’t use your hands or you could tear the fibres. You can also try using salt, but this shouldn’t be something you make a habit of.

Leaves and debris.

If you collect this regularly you should avoid a nasty build up. Rake up debris and any leaves off the grass, or use a soft brush, this should help keep your lawn lush looking and green. When you use implements to sweep and take things off the grass surface, make sure you use ones made from plastic and any brooms should have soft bristles. If you care for your lawn on a regular basis in this way it shouldn’t be that much work to do once the lighter days of Spring arrive. 


You can also use a tarpaulin if you’re expecting really bad weather that includes some serious snowfall, but it’s not essential. It may give you peace of mind, and it will give you less hard work once it’s removed as your artificial grass should be relatively snow free. All our artificial grasses are made to last, whatever the weather throws at it, and it comes with a superb drainage system, so the snow and frost just drains right through it.

The Turf Warehouse – first class supply and installation of artificial grass in West Lothian.

Not only do we supply some of the best quality artificial grass on the market, we can also install it for you. All our team are trained in artificial grass installation, so you get an accurate smooth fit. Then all you have to do is enjoy it with the minimal amount of care needed to keep it in excellent condition, it practically takes care of itself. In winter, it’s just a quick sweep and a rake and there you have it, your perfect lawn all through winter.

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