The History of Artificial Grass

We’re going to be talking about the history of grass today and how it evolved into what it is today. We know that it’s popular all over the country and that more and more people are converting their gardens into artificial grass havens, where there’s no more mowing, feeding or protecting with potentially harmful chemicals.

There’s a long and impressive history to artificial grass.

Artificial grass has a history going back to the 60s where it started out as a sports surface in Texas, United States. It was then known as Astro Turf and was used as a replacement for natural grass that was in poor condition due to bad weather conditions. It went on to become more widespread throughout the US and also in Canada in the 70s. It was also used as an indoor surface for sports too and would then be introduced into Major League Baseball too.

Better versions and better grasses.

Over time artificial grass would be improved upon so that each version was better than the last. It would become less slippery with a firmer grip, so players could use the surface safely without risk of falling over and injuring themselves. The surface would provide better bounce and a straighter line for the ball to travel.

It would continue evolving and improving over the years to what it is today. But the question is, who exactly invented artificial grass, do we know? What can ascertain is that it was Henry Ford that started it all off.

It was a widely held belief that those living in rural areas lived a healthier life than those in the city, and that the hard surfaces that children had to play on didn’t help. The Fords helped foster the idea that developing a softer surface for children to play on in urban areas was the way forward.

The story of artificial grass is ongoing – and it can only get better.

And that’s how it all started.

Of course, artificial grass is very popular in landscaping and quickly become the number one go to soft surface for residential and commercial properties. There’s been such an improvement in the standard of quality that synthetic lawns no longer have the bad reputation they started out with. Fake grass is so good it looks as authentic as real grass. This makes it the ideal choice for gardens all year round so you have a lush green lawn throughout the winter and autumn as well as spring and summer – without the hard work and maintenance of a real lawn.

The Turf Warehouse – for quality synthetic lawns.

If you’re now convinced after reading about the colourful and impressive history of artificial grass why not take a look around our website, if you haven’t already done so and then give us a call. We can help you choose an artificial grass lawn that suits your needs and your garden, so get in touch today and you can benefit from all the good things that an artificial grass surface can give you.

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