Artificial Turf Winter

Getting your garden ready for winter

How do you get your garden ready for winter? The rains will have started in autumn, quite possibly bringing some strong winds with it, and the temperature may be starting to drop. With winter fast approaching, you may be wondering how you should prepare your garden. To help out we’ve created this blog to provide a few hints and tips we can pass so that hopefully you and your garden will be well prepared for the conditions ahead!

Prune the plants

First, some pruning is in order. It’s time to remove dead and dying plants and make way for new, or create space for existing ones so they have a healthy environment to grow in. You can bury the old ones in the soil and this will in turn add organic matter to it and help the garden stay healthy. Naturally, if you have artificial grass (and we’ll discuss this more in a moment) when we say soil, we don’t mean the lawn itself, we mean the plant beds.


Again, when talking about weeds we’re talking about any surrounding plant beds you have bordering your artificial grass lawn. Digging them up is the safest way of doing it, especially if you have pets. If one of the reasons you had artificial grass installed was to get away from having to use chemicals, then you probably won’t want to start using them now. Once you’ve dug them up, chuck them in the bin. Don’t just move them to another part of the garden, this will only give them the opportunity to start sprouting their tentacles somewhere else.

Now to your artificial grass

What can you do to protect your lawn in winter? You can do one of a few things to keep your artificial grass free from frost. Firstly, you could cover with a tarpaulin sheet, this will give protection to your artificial grass lawn against snow and frost and other extreme weather.

If you decide to keep it uncovered, we would advise against using salt when the freezing weather does arrive. The reason why we say this is because salt can clog up the holes in the grass lawn and thus have a negative impact on drainage.

Invest in quality artificial grass for your lawn

Really your grass should survive the cold and freezing weather, but it will depend on the quality of your artificial grass, that’s why we recommend getting one that suits the needs of your garden and can withstand the elements. What you pay now will pay dividends in the long-term with good quality artificial grass that should last up to and sometimes even beyond, 15 years.

Artificial grass needs love as well!

Show your artificial grass a little love and care during the freezing temperatures. Try not to walk on it when the frost is excessive, especially if we have a particularly bad snowfall and hard frost over a number of days. The fibres could snap off if it has too much. However, once it’s started to melt, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, and let’s face it, you won’t be wanting to spend too much time outdoors when the temperature is below zero!

The Turf Warehouse – quality artificial grass throughout West Lothian

Fancy investing in artificial grass now you know how easy it is to take care of? Why not get in touch and we can help you choose the right one, we can even install it for you if you don’t want to do it yourself. But if you already have artificial grass and you simply have more questions about what we’ve discussed today, then do give us a call, we’re here to help and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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