Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

It’s time to get your garden spring ready and if you’ve been waiting for the weather to get better before you start, then you may be in luck. The weather is improving, and the temperature is on the up, there’s no better time than now.

Clean Up Your Garden

The best thing to start you off with is a good clean of the garden area. You can also clean any garden furniture you’re likely to use in the summer to get it ready to be seen and used. Clean up any garden paving and pathways, remove any moss or algae and use a water spray once you’ve brushed.

Tidy Up That Lawn

Now is the perfect time to get your lawn in order. You should begin by mowing and watching out for that growth spurt. It’ll be time to tidy up your lawn before you bring out the mower. There’ll be leaves a-plenty and no doubt some other debris will have blown in. Sweeping this up will give your garden its first makeover and you can save the leaves for compost. You can give your lawn a feed and fill in any bald patches you see. March will see your lawn start to grow so you’ll need to start cutting. Go for a high cut when the weather’s dry. Once April approaches you’ll see a significant difference in growth as the temperatures rises and growth increases. Consider cutting more frequently, from fortnightly to start with, then to weekly.

Cleaning The Gutters and Gardening Tools

Now is the perfect time for a clear out – out with the old and in with the new. It’s a good time to clean out your gutters while it’s dry too. If your gutters are cluttered, it can lead to other problems, such as water spilling into the garden below, damaging wood and metals. You could also check all your tools and give them a good clean too, they’re going to work better if they’re clean and in good working order. Replace any that are not worth the effort anymore and replace with new ones. And then you’re all set to enjoy the summer.

The Turf Warehouse – For The Best in Artificial Grass.

If you do not have the time required to get your garden Summer ready, why not invest in a maintenance free solution which will give you luscious green grass all year round. Transform your garden this spring with artificial grassDon’t make your garden too much hard work, it’s there to enjoy, and we’d like to help! If you would like to discuss or ask any questions about having artificial grass installed, get in touch with one of our helpful advisers today.

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