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Dispelling Artificial Grass Myths

Artificial grass has a number of myths that have become attached to it over the years. We are going to address the subject by dispelling a few of these so you you know what is the truth when it comes to artificial grass. You will be able to buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that a lot of the negatives you may have heard were misinformation.

Myth: Artificial Grass is Very Expensive

Artificial grass comes at a variety of prices and qualities just like many other products, however, if you invest wisely it provides fantastic value for money. After the initial investment you will have relatively low maintenance costs as you don’t have to invest in a lawn mower, strimmer, pesticides and other lawn maintenance materials. The surface is also extremely durable if you invest wisely in a quality product so it will last for many years.

Myth: Artificial Grass isn’t Safe For Kids & Pets

This is simply not true. Artificial grass provides a safe, clean and hypo-allergenic surface for both children and pets to play on. The surface is consistent, without bumps, dips and holes that can form over time on a natural grass lawn. It can even be argued that artificial grass is safer than a natural lawn due to the perfectly flat surface and the fact that it does not trigger hay-fever symptoms.

Myth: Artificial Grass Looks Fake

Modern artificial grass has come a long way from its humble beginnings and it can be hard to tell the difference between it and a natural lawn until you get up very close. There is, of course, differences, while a natural grass lawn may discolour and fade during the winter or very hot summers, an artificial grass lawn will maintain a lush, green colour.

Myth: Artificial Grass Can’t Be Used For Sports

Artificial grass is used far and wide as a surface for a wide variety of sports, particularly useful in Scotland where inclement weather can often render a natural grass pitch useless. Football, hockey, golf, rugby and many more besides have embraced the surface and it has been credited with aiding the development of young players as they can continue training through periods when the weather has been bad and would otherwise have left their practice area unusable.

Myth: Artificial Grass Doesn’t Last Long and Needs A Lot of Upkeep

This is a huge misconception, there is no need for anywhere near the level of maintenance that a natural grass surface requires and it will last for many many years, even with consistent and rigorous use. Artificial grass can be easily cleaned by giving it a brush to remove leaves and debris or a hose if it becomes dirty or has something spilled on it.

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