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Common Mistakes When Installing DIY Artificial Grass

Today we’re talking about common mistakes made when installing DIY artificial grass. If you decide to invest in artificial grass, like many people, you may decide on installing it yourself and save some money. However if you get it wrong it may cost more to rectify the mistakes you’ve made. Today we’re going to talk about the type of things that can go wrong, so hopefully you’ll be able to avoid them and install your artificial grass without it being too eventful.

Laying a fake grass surface on uneven ground.

It’s very important to assess the surface first before you do anything. If there are lumps and bumps in the ground, from for instance, tree stumps, then it could impact on how the ground looks. While these imperfections don’t bother you at present or anyone who uses your garden, it does have the potential to become more problematic. So, if at all possible, try to iron out the surface (not literally!) so it’s as flat and as easy to install the grass as possible. Checking every detail of your artificial turf once you’ve laid it.

Being pedantic pays off if you’re laying artificial grass. All those little details matter. You need to make sure you secure the edges and neaten them, if you don’t do this then, just like with and indoor carpet, your grass could fray at the edges and curl. It could trip people up and basically look quite scruffy and unfinished. You’re looking for a smooth, slick finish that’s the same all over.

Not knowing which type of artificial grass is right for you.

When you lay artificial grass, you need to know the right type for your garden, if don’t get that right and it could be all kinds of wrong and that’s a shame. There are lots of different types of artificial grass which are best in very different types of surfaces. It’s important to get the right one or you could wind up with the wrong surface. Also, if you have remnants left over from when you’ve laid it out successfully, don’t throw them away. You never know when you might need it again should the situation arise, if you get rid of it and the particular type of grass you’ve used runs out, then you’ll be patching up any missing parts with an artificial grass type that doesn’t match the type you have.

Turf Warehouse – for all your artificial grass needs.

If you’re thinking of having artificial grass installed in your garden, then at least now you’ll know some of the mistakes to avoid. If you don’t feel you’re up to it and you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, then why not let us do it here at Turf Warehouse? We’ve got plenty of experience and we’ll get it done in no time, leaving no mess and clearing up as we go. Get in touch online or phone us and we can help you choose the right type of artificial grass for your property and come and install it for you too!

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