Artificial Turf Fitted

Choosing the Right Artificial Grass

If you’re having artificial grass for the first time, you may be a little confused as to which one is right for you. Perhaps up until now, you weren’t even aware you could have more than one type of artificial grass, but you can. In order to choose the right one, you need to consider what your artificial grass is going to be used for.

It’s the same as choosing a carpet in a way, if you’re having carpet for the hallway, you’ll make sure it’s extra thick, because it’s going to see heavier foot traffic, and a lighter carpet in areas where you won’t.

With artificial grass if you think it’s going to see a lot of action, then you’ll need a stronger more versatile one, and if it’s just for a show lawn, then perhaps a lighter one.

Lawns That are Only For Show

If you are having a lawn that’s there purely to make your garden look good and it’s not going to see lots of people, children or pets, then choose a grass that’s durable but without the density of fibres.

Children and Artificial Grass

If your lawn is going to be seeing a lot of children, then you need something strong and a denser grass. A shorter pile is good that’s rich and dense enough to take the stress of lots of little feet.

Pets and Artificial Grass

Having pets are great but they can cause problems to your lawn, however with artificial grass any mess they create, when they go to the toilet for instance, can be cleared up easily with liquids being absorbed and drained away easily.

Naturally, you’ll need a good artificial grass with excellent drainage and we suggest a shorter pile again that’s stands up as this type is far easier to clean. You’ll need a permeable one so the liquids will run through it easily.

What’s your budget?

If you’re working with a budget, then naturally you’ll have to think carefully about what you can afford. Keep in mind that after the initial investment you will save money over time. This will be on things like mowing, herbicides, pesticides and using a hose pipe, so you’ll save on energy bills too.

To get a good idea of how much you’re likely to need as part of your budget, you’ll have to measure your garden. Usually artificial grass will be priced per sq. meter so you’ll need to make some calculations. If you need us to install it, then you’ll need to add this in to the final price.

Quality, Durable Artificial Grass From The Turf Warehouse 

Get in touch with us here at The Turf Warehouse and we can give you some costings and discuss your needs. Once you’ve had artificial grass installed you won’t look back, it’ll be the best decision you’ve made – and you’ll have many years to enjoy it.

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