Caring for your Artificial Turf This Winter

Is it hard caring for artificial grass in winter? No, as experienced installers and retailers of artificial grass, we know it isn’t hard, because we’ve spoken to enough satisfied customers to know that it’s no trouble at all, with minimum maintenance required.

So, what should you be doing and what does this minimum maintenance entail?

With artificial grass the only time you really need to be concerned is when there’s ice and snow, and to be perfectly honest, that’s it. The only concern is footfall whenever there’s been a frost. Significant changes in temperature can have an impact and if you walk on the frozen blades you could snap them.To help, you can remove the snow once it’s become packed, and also the ice and leave the blades to have some air, still don’t walk on them, but at least once you’ve removed the ice and snow, your artificial grass lawn will have less weight on it.

Light, powdery snow.

If you only have some light snow on the grass, you know the type, that soft powdery snow that’s light as a feather, well you can leave it to melt. Don’t use salt if you can avoid it, but if you do feel the need, then use sparingly. The reason why salt isn’t such a great idea is because it can have a negative impact on the lawn’s ability to drain. This could prove to be a real problem once the snow and ice begin to melt and there’s nowhere for it to go.


On the subject of drainage always check it’s working. Always check that your artificial grass lawn isn’t waterlogged and is allowing fluids to go through to the membranes beneath. Hopefully, when you had your artificial grass lawn installed you will have made sure there’s adequate drainage and a suitable layer underneath to allow for the water to pass through the grass well enough.

Do you have the right tools?

Your tools should be adapted to artificial grass and we’d recommend a plastic shovel rather than a metal one because it’s a lot gentler on the blades. Always use soft tools to rid yourself of the packed ice so it won’t harm the backing underneath the artificial grass surface.

If you want to give your lawn added protection you could add a tarpaulin cover for your artificial grass lawn and this will keep the snow and ice off. It’s not absolutely essential however, but it might give you peace of mind. 

Turf Warehouse – for the best in quality artificial grass.

If you have any further questions about what we’ve discussed today, you know where to find us, we’re right here. And we’re always ready to help. We have a team of experts who are all extremely knowledgeable, and if you don’t have artificial grass and you’re thinking of having it installed, well winter is the perfect time. Why is that? Well, it’s easier to get it done as we’re less busy at this time of year and you’ve got time to let it settle without having to worry about as much foot traffic as you’d get in summer. Why not give us a call, and we can help you choose the right grass for you?

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