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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets

So, you have pets and they love to play and frolic outside in the fresh air. You may have a generous sized garden that’s ideal for them play out in, but you’ve been noticing some distinct disadvantages of late. Dogs, especially love to dig, and you may end up with some rather unfortunately bald patches in your garden. You may also find that when they go to the toilet they have an unfortunate habit of digging the ground up around where they’ve been. That’s perfectly natural for them, but a little bit of a nuisance for you.

As well as that, your dog may well be allergic to grass, making it a daily nightmare going out into the garden. Walks outside are great, but wouldn’t it be lovely if you could let your dog have the freedom of the garden without it making him/her miserable?

Well, there’s a cure for all of that, and that’s artificial grass. What are the benefits from your dog or cat’s perspective? Well let’s take a look.

No More Chemicals

For one thing there’ll be no more harmful chemicals for your animals to absorb, either orally or through their skin. If you have artificial grass installed in your garden, there’ll be no more weed killers or pesticides, or even fertilisers, and your pets can have a free reign of the garden without the added danger of becoming ill.

Tough and Long-lasting

You’ll find that artificial grass is tremendously tough and durable. As we mentioned earlier your dog loves to dig and that can leave you with a patchy mess full of holes. It can also mean that your dog, and cat even, will tread muddy footprints into the house, a nightmare for you to clean up, especially after rain.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass is low maintenance in comparison to looking after a natural lawn, and you’ll also find that it’s very easy to clean requiring the occasionally brushing and wiping with a wet cloth. It’s permeable so any water drains through, whether you’re cleaning it, it’s been raining, or your pets have used it to go to the toilet. And yes, that’s where artificial grass is really good. Both solid and liquid matter are both easy to dispose of. Solids can be removed by simply removing it from the area, and liquids drain way beneath leaving your artificial grass back to its immaculate state.

And finally, dogs love it, we know for a fact that dogs, and cats for that matter, love to play, lounge and relax on artificial grass without ruining it, and without being to tell the difference. Finally, your dogs will be able to go outside and play in the garden without suffering the effects of hay fever if they suffer with it.

The Turf Warehouse for High Quality Artificial Grass

If we now have you convinced of the wonders of artificial grass for your pets, then get in touch with us here at The Turf Warehouse. We know how important your pets are in your life, we’re all pet lovers here at The Turf Warehouse, and over half of our installations are pet owners. We have grown to know and understand the needs and requirements of our pet loving clients, so we’re best qualified to provide you with any advice or guidance you may need with regards to artificial grass. Why not get in touch with any questions, and one of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to help you.

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