Play Areas

Since launching in 2006 The Turf Warehouse have had extensive experience installing play areas to a wide variety of clients, offering high quality grass at unbeatable prices. Coming in a variety of styles and colours, we’re sure we can design and install the perfect artificial grass play area for you.

Never Beaten on Quality, Never Beaten on Price

Artificial Grass Play Areas

  • Fantastic looking all year round
  • Great for kids – soft, thick and luxurious
  • Long lasting- all our artificial grass comes with a 10 year guarantee
  • Durable – they can cope with lots of running about and playing
  • Clean – no muddy clothes or grass stains
  • Hypoallergenic – perfect for kids allergic to grass or pollen

Durable & Long-Lasting

Artificial grass in your play areas is a long-term investment that kids will enjoy for years to come at your location. Designed and manufactured to be hard-wearing, it is extremely durable so you don’t have to worry about having to replace it after a short time due to it becoming worn-out.


With artificial grass in your play area you no longer have to worry about the constant upkeep of lawns, saving you time and money. There is no need for fertiliser, pesticides, on-going mowing or dealing with muddy or bald patches, artificial grass simplifies things for you.

No Mud, No Mess, No Fuss

The artificial grass surface means kids can play outside whatever the weather without you having to be concerned about them getting muddy or ruining the lawn by creating bald patches. Kids clothes will also be spared the grass stains or dirty marks that are associated with playing on a natural grass surface, meaning clothes last longer and are cleaned much more easily.

Top Tip

If you have kids running around in the garden we recommend a thicker, softer pile to take the heavy use and give a softer landing for any trips or falls. We suggest 35mm to 40mm.

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