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Artificial Lawn Care This Winter

How do you look after artificial lawn during the cruel winter months? If you’re worried about how to get your artificial grass out of the cold season, read on as we discover how to keep your artificial turf in tip top condition. Don’t worry, artificial lawn turf is quite resilient, which is why it was such a great choice to begin with. Maintenance is minimal as opposed to natural lawn turf. However, there will be a few things you can do to keep your artificial lawn in excellent condition.

Soft Brushing In Autumn, Allows For Drainage in Winter.

So, in autumn, always remove debris and leaves from your artificial grass lawn by using a soft brush. Don’t use anything like a rake in case it breaks the fibres. Once the freezing weather arrives, don’t walk on the grass if can avoid it, if you do, the fibres could snap off. Just leave the frost and any snow to drain through the grass. Hopefully, your artificial turf will have good drainage from when you purchased it. If you care for your grass all year round, especially in the winter months, you shouldn’t really have anything too much to worry about it.

When is a Good Time To Install Artificial Turf?

If you haven’t got artificial grass yet, when would be the best time to install it? There is no best time because artificial turf can be installed anytime of the year. You may be surprised to know that it’s actually autumn and winter that’s the best time to have it installed, the reason for this is because the ground is nowhere near as hard as it is during the summer months. You can enjoy your artificial grass throughout the year without worrying about muddy or bald patches, and in winter it’ll still look as lush and green as it would during the summer.

Winter Weather is Never a Problem For Artificial Grass and we Can Install It Any Time of Year.

Snow and freezing conditions don’t really cause that many problems to artificial turf, but naturally you need to take just a little care when ice is on it. If you are thinking of having artificial grass installed, then you’ll be pleased to know that our installers here at The Turf Warehouse work throughout the year and we’re happy to install it whether it’s summer or winter.

The Turf Warehouse – For Quality Artificial Lawn.

We’d be more than happy to come and transform your garden, so why not get in touch today and we’ll be happy to talk you through it. You can either install it yourself or we can install it on your behalf. Get in touch today.

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