Artificial Turf Winter

Artificial Grass in Winter: The Benefits

If you have natural grass lawn in your garden then you will know all to well the problems of keeping it in good condition throughout the winter months. The time may have come for you to consider having an artificial grass lawn installed instead so you don’t have to worry about the state of your lawn in winter or at any other time of the year as maintenance is minimal.

Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass

During the winter months your artificial grass lawn will need little to no maintenance and remain in prime condition, looking fantastic. It requires no mowing, saving you time and money as you no longer require a lawn mower or the fuel to power it.

A Lush Green Lawn Throughout the Year

What could be better than having a lawn that looks fantastic throughout the winter with you barely having to lift a finger. Your artificial lawn will maintain its colour and shape with no bald or muddy areas. Artificial grass remains looking good even when the ground is completely frozen. With a natural grass lawn you can expect it to look patchy and perhaps become waterlogged at some point over the winter, not a good surface for kids to play on. With an artificial grass lawn your garden will be a fantastic place to spend time in, irrespective of what the weather has been like.

Sport on Artificial Grass in Winter

If you have a sports field that is used over the winter then artificial grass offers a whole host of benefits. Games or training are often cancelled in winter due to bad weather impacting a natural grass field, or simply lead to delays in getting things underway as maintenance work is carried out. With an artificial grass playing surface you will have a resilient surface with no dips or bumpy patches, it is also very easy to clear after periods of snowfall and freely drains rainwater.

Play Outside Throughout the Year

With an artificial grass lawn your children and pets can go outside to play throughout the year without you having to worry about whether it is safe as there will be no slippery puddles or mud. You also don’t have to worry about them coming back in covered in mud and trailing footprints through the house, artificial grass is a clean surface.

Quality Artificial Grass

Artificial grass will prove to be a worthwhile investment for you both in the winter months and throughout the year as you take advantage of a space that is easy to look after and stays looking great. Get in touch today to arrange a free quote for your own artificial grass lawn.

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