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Artificial Grass: Suitable For All

Artificial grass has a lot of myths to fight through and although it’s now more popular than ever, we’re working hard to dispel them. Firstly, artificial grass isn’t just for sports arenas, it’s for gardens too, both front and back. It’s also good for hay fever sufferers, pets, such as dogs and cats, and people of all ages, such as children right through to the elderly.

The Elderly

For the elderly in particular, it’s a useful and much welcome replacement from natural grass. Natural grass is all very well when you’re young, but as you get older, the maintenance required to keep it tidy is hard work. What with weed control and the herbicides, fungicides and pesticides you need to use and of course, the expense, add in the mowing and cutting and you have weeks of hard work. With artificial grass, once it’s been installed you have a beautiful vibrant green bit of lawn that will need no upkeep and give years of pleasure – without the hard work.


Artificial grass is also child-friendly because it’s safe, clean and hard-wearing. They can play on it for hours without damaging the turf and it cleans easily too. If your children suffer from hay fever, then fear not, with artificial grass that’s a thing of the past, giving them ample opportunity to play outdoors in spring and summer without having to worry about crippling hay fever symptoms.


For families, artificial grass offers freedom from the kind of maintenance we’ve already spoken about while freeing your time up so you can spend it on your family and friends. You’ll also find that with pets it’s easy to clean up after soiling whether it’s wet or solid. It’s easy enough to pick up any dirt and liquids will simply drain away.


For landlords, artificial grass again frees up time and also acknowledges the fact that tenants aren’t always going to be up to keeping the garden maintained in a rented property. This is for a variety of different reasons, such as the fact they see no worth in maintaining a garden when they won’t be there very long. Or perhaps they simply don’t have time, or they’re not really interested. This can pose problems for you as a landlord, but with artificial grass, you provide a pristine lawn without having to come and physically maintain it yourself. You keep both the neighbours and your tenants happy and what’s more, it’ll last a long time, so you’ll get your money back on your investment.

Why Artificial Grass From The Turf Warehouse is Always a Great Idea

Here at The Turf Warehouse, we pride ourselves on hard work and commitment to customer’s service. We sell quality artificial grass for all manner of different purposes with a professional installation giving you a lush green lawn that will last for years to come. We also offer a free no obligation survey and we always strive to give the best advice. Get in touch today and we can arrange a visit.

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