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Artificial Grass in Professional Football

Artificial grass has a long and proud history in football, in fact football was one of the first sports its was used for when it was known as Astro Turf. Today it goes by a lot of different names, such as synthetic grass, fake grass, artificial turf or simply artificial grass – because in essence, that’s exactly what it is. It’s also used for other commercial residences both indoor and outdoor, and it’s popular with domestic properties where families will use the grass to entertain, play on with family, plus play a variety of different sports on it, and of course football. 

3G pitches.

Some professional football clubs use 3G pitches. They must meet the requirements of FIFA, FA and IRB, RFU, RBL which are the rugby and football regulatory bodies in the UK. As you can imagine there’s a lot of work to be done in order to install a 3G football pitch which will include excavating the site itself. More and more clubs, especially community-based teams, are installing artificial grass for football.

Sub-base, shock-pads and stability.

A sub-base will be laid first, this is just like with normal gardens and smaller commercial sites, but obviously a professional football pitch will be bigger. The sub-base can be made from stone and macadam, and once it’s down it will provide stability for the grass and any shock-pad that’s laid down too. If you use a more dynamic sub-base, this may also include porous stone that’s been compacted and then the shock-pad.

Maintenance is much easier.

Looking after an artificial football pitch isn’t that much different from looking after a domestic garden in that the maintenance is fairly rudimentary, except there’s more of it. Cleaning the pitch will involve using a brush to sweep any debris away and this will help to keep it playable and consistently even. It’s wise to check the pitch on a regular basis in case there’s any damage or any unusual bits of debris that need removal. It’s so much easier to fix when it’s been spotted in enough time rather than finding out once the damage is greater.

Football pitch with artificial grass is becoming more affordable.

The costs for 3G pitches can vary but they have become far more affordable in recent years, and as they are so versatile and easy to maintain, the initial investment is worth it. Artificial grass remains soft in all weathers even, when there’s frost unlike with natural grass. The individual blades on synthetic grass goes back to position once it’s been played or walked on, so it always looks in great condition all year round.

The Turf Warehouse – for quality artificial grasses.

3G pitches have been given a 2-star rating from FIFA which means it’s good enough for all professional football pitches. This is the highest you can get, and it also means that championship football can be played on a 3G artificial grass pitch. Also, you’re safe in the knowledge that if it’s good enough for FIFA then it’ll be good enough for your professional needs too. You can also benefit from hiring an artificial grass football pitch if you don’t have one of your own, so don’t delay and find out where your local football pitch is, one that uses artificial grass. We can also install artificial grass at your local football pitch or commercial property so get in touch if you’re interested.

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