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Artificial Grass For Play Areas

There’s a huge number of benefits to having artificial grass in play areas, we’re going to explore just a few of these in a bit of detail so you can fully understand the advantages the surface offers.

Kids Want to Play Outside Even When Summer Has Been and Gone

Even though the sunniest period of the year is past kids will still want to get out with their friends in the fresh air. Whether it is in the school playground or at home, artificial grass provides a perfect surface for them whatever the weather is like. You don’t have to worry about them getting caked in mud, a particular concern at school.

What’s Wrong With a Natural Grass Play Area?

Ideally it would possible to have a beautifully maintained lawn in perfect condition for kids to play on all day, every day. However, with a natural grass lawn we have to consider mowing the lawn, feeding the soil, watering during dry periods and dealing with when it becomes a marshy bog during periods of heavy rain and the muddy footprints that will come back inside.

With even light use a natural grass play area can soon show the signs of wear and tear with bald spots appearing or areas forming dips and holes. Once this starts to occur it is difficult to reverse without making the area out of bounds for an extended period of time and investing in repairing the surface, neither of which are ideal.

There is, of course, the cost of maintenance that has to be considered with a natural grass lawn in a play area. This is a particular concern for schools, nurseries and other public play areas as they see heavy use and will quickly become worn out and need attention on a regular basis. The initial up-front cost of installing artificial grass is a long-term economical choice as the ongoing costs are far lower in comparison to natural grass.

A Summary of the Benefits of Artificial Grass Over a Natural Lawn

  • It stays in fantastic condition throughout the year, regardless of the season

  • There is no more mowing and maintenance is minimal

  • An artificial grass lawn looks very similar to natural grass

  • The surface is hypo-allergenic, reducing risk of triggering hay-fever symptoms

  • No more mud or grass stains on kids clothes

  • There is a variety of colours to create interesting designs

  • It can be used in areas where natural grass cannot be easily grown

  • It is a safe surface that reduced the likelihood of tripping and provides soft landings

Invest in Artificial Grass For Your Play Area

You may be considering artificial grass for your school, nursery, play area or even in your home garden for your kids, we can provide you with a free no obligation consultation and guarantee to beat any like for like quote. Get in touch today to speak to a member of our expert team.

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