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Artificial Grass: The Perfect Surface For Dogs

The benefits of artificial grass are as numerous for pets as they are for everyone else, particularly dogs. Artificial grass provides a safe and clean environment that allows your dogs to exercise and play without your lawn deteriorating as it stays looking great no matter how much it is used.

Is Artificial Grass Safe For Dogs and Other Pets?

An artificial grass lawn can actually prove to be safer for dogs and other pets than a natural grass lawn. The surface is made from a non-toxic material, you’re dogs will not suffer any harm if they chew on it or even swallow some. The surface remains level without dips and bumps even after consistent use.

Allergy Free and Non-Toxic Artificial Grass

Grass allergies affect a surprising number of dogs, an artificial grass lawn allows these pets to get outside and exercise without you having to worry about their allergies being triggered. An artificial grass lawn also doesn’t require the use of pesticides, insecticides or other chemicals that are often used on natural lawns, making the surface much more safe for dogs.

Cleaning Up

On an artificial grass lawn your dogs can do their business as normal and it is extremely easy for their owners to pick up any mess. You may wish to occasionally hose down the lawn and use some disinfectant or simply a bit of soap and water. What you won’t have to worry about is faded or discoloured patches due to dog fouling.

A Clean Surface For Dogs

We’ve all seen dogs who have went outside to play and came back covered from head to toe in dirt, mud and grass stains. With an artificial grass lawn your dogs can run about and play the same as they would on a natural lawn without you having to worry about them coming back in the house with muddy paws and needing a bath.

Your Dog Will Love Artificial Grass

It is often assumed that dogs will not like artificial grass as they would a natural lawn, however, this could not be further from the truth as dogs take to the surface with huge enthusiasm. Your dog, and any other pets, will enjoy running, playing and rolling day after day.

If you’re interested in a great looking, easy to maintain surface that your dog will love in your garden then get in touch with us today to arrange your free quote.

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