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Artificial Grass Maintenance and Care

We’re going to be looking at how easy artificial grass is to care for in comparison to natural grass. What we know for sure is that although there is an initial investment when you purchase and install artificial grass, you certainly get your money back over the years.

Easy to Maintain Artificial Grass

There is a myth surrounding artificial grass in that it takes a lot of maintenance and this couldn’t’ be further from the truth. Maintenance is fairly simple and straightforward for artificial grass, in that it takes minimal care and little in the way of products. Natural grass on the other-hand needs an awful lot of care and attention including pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, mowing and all the fuel or electricity that will get eaten up too.

No More Cutting the Grass

Rather than having to pull out the lawnmower, you will be able to just give your artificial lawn a quick wash every now and again. You need to pressure wash so don’t worry about having to bring out the hose as that is no longer needed, so no worries about summer hosepipe bans. Brush your lawn too, after its rained and to remove any debris and rubbish that may collect on it. You can also use a rake to loosen the sand from the surface and you may need to top it up every now and again.

Keeping Artificial Grass in Peak Condition

You may have artificial grass in the shade, if this is the case then applying a small amount of moss killer, liquid-based if you can, once a year is best. BBQs on the artificial grass itself is not a good idea, so keep it to the patio and never leave cigarettes to burn on the grass. Always clean up any waste as quickly as possible, it’s easy to remove and liquid waste will drain away quite easily. A small amount of disinfectant is good to clean the area after removal of solid waste to remove any unpleasant smells.

Easy to Look After Artificial Grass

That’s all it takes to look after an artificial grass lawn. You’ll save money on chemicals, mowing, and no more worries during the summer when there’s a hose pipe ban. All in all, a stress-free garden and an all-round beautiful garden that always looks its best, even in winter.

The Turf Warehouse – For Quality Artificial Grass

If you need any help from us here at The Turf Warehouse then get in touch, we’re always on hand to help. We know artificial grass like we know the backs of our hands, we’re experts in our fields and if you’re looking for first class quality artificial grass then you’re on the right track with us.

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