Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Grass For Kids

We’re looking at artificial grass and the advantages for kids. We know that artificial grass is more popular now than it ever was, but most of you might think it’s just for adults, and that artificial grass is great if you no longer feel up to maintaining a natural lawn or you simply don’t have the time.

Artificial grass is a great investment for your family

Artificial grass is a great investment for families, it’s easy to care for and is soft yet strong to play on. It can cushion scrapes and falls beautifully, leaving your children safe to explore their environment without worrying they’ll hurt themselves.

Forget mud and grass stains, you won’t get that with artificial grass

No grass stains on clothes, no grass or mud dragged into kitchens and left on the floor for you to clean, no more hay fever too. That’s something we can all suffer with and artificial grass can put an end to all that if your hay fever is grass dominated.

Let your children enjoy the outdoors and stay healthy

We know that outdoor play contributes towards healthy child development, and making sure your child gets out into the sun ensures a healthy dose of vitamin D, while helping to maintain mental and physical health. Water features, trampolines, how can you make your garden more relaxing and fun for your family? You can easily build around the artificial grass and fit in a water feature or even a trampoline. Throw in some crazy paving and border your lawn with flowers and plants so you have an attractive edging.

The Turf Warehouse – for the best in quality artificial grass

So, do we have you convinced on the benefits of artificial grass for your kids? We know that there’s a lot of families who are convinced that artificial grass is great for kids and not just families either. Schools and nurseries are starting to recognise the benefits too, less maintenance, a soft safe surface for kids, no grass and mud dragged in, and of course a great source of comfort for both staff and children for those suffering with hay fever. Get in touch today and let’s get that artificial grass installed, so your children can start enjoying all the great advantages of a lush green lawn all year round. We’re waiting to take your call.

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