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Artificial Grass History

There was a time when you could spot artificial grass from a satellite above the earth, such was its artificial look and sickly dayglo shades of green. Luckily for the rest of us, artificial grass has come a long way since then. Artificial turf as it is sometimes known has many uses across the board, from school playgrounds to residential gardens and sports pitches, and even indoor use.

Rather than maintaining a natural lawn, which admittedly can be a lot of hard work throughout the year, with artificial grass you can leave it alone for the majority of the time, apart from the odd sweep with a brush and removal of debris. Artificial grass is not only convenient and less hard work it also durable, functional and doesn’t contain any bacteria like the original artificial grasses did and it’s perfectly safe to use, and that’s for both pets and children.

Artificial Grass, Baseball and the Beautiful Game

Artificial grass, once known as Astroturf was first put into use back in the early 1960s and by the mid-sixties was used in a well-known sports stadium at a Major League fixture. Rather than use natural grass as they had been doing, they changed to artificial after a new roof prevented the sun from shining down onto the surface. This of course stopped the grass from growing, for without sunlight the grass eventually died.

So, artificial grass was installed instead and that’s how artificial grass came to be, or Astroturf as it was known then. Football also started to make use of it in sports stadiums throughout the UK.

Second-Generation Artificial Grass

The 1970s saw the introduction of polypropylene instead of nylon fibres which helped prevent slippage. A second-generation grass was then further developed later in the 70s, and was created in order to improve the playing experience for sportsmen and women. There were long strands of grass further part and between the fibres, which made the grass more stable and firm.

After the Second Generation

The second generation was replaced again until it improved enough to be used both in sports and residential areas without causing accidents and slipping. And it has come on in leaps and bounds since then. Not only is artificial grass used outdoors it’s also used indoors as surface flooring for children’s bedrooms and games rooms, and anywhere else in the home or office where it provides a comfortable and relaxing surface for your feet.

Pets Love Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has proved to be extremely useful for pets and any solids can be removed quickly and easily, and if you suffer from hay fever and other allergies, such as tree pollen, then artificial grass helps with that too.

A Long Journey

Artificial turf has come a long, long way since the 1960s, going from the humble beginnings of Astroturf to the sophisticated surface it is today, for sports, families, offices and residential homes.

The Turf Warehouse – for the best in artificial grass

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