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Why is Artificial Grass Fantastic for a Child Play Area?

If you’re in two minds whether an artificial grass lawn is a good idea for a child’s play area and you haven’t gone ahead yet, we’re hoping that in today’s post we can convince you of its merits. Artificial grass is such an ideal surface for so many things, as well as gardens, they’re also used for different sports both indoors and outdoors, and some use it for their floor surface in commercial buildings. In fact, some people even use it in their homes!

Today’s focus however is on children’s play areas and why artificial grass is so good as a surface. It’s durable, allergy free, there’s no mud, and because it’s so lush and coloured beautifully, it looks amazing all year round – even in winter.

Extremely Durable

On a practical level it’s extremely durable, as we’ve already mentioned, and this is good because as you know children love to play outside when the weather is good. With so much foot traffic you’ll need a reliable surface and artificial grass gives you exactly that. Children will always love playing on this most inviting of floor surfaces.

There’s always a chance that as children play, they can fall and hurt themselves. There’s also a high chance they’ll fall from a height especially if you have play equipment. Artificial turf, however, is great for soft landings so when they do fall, they’ll land without hurting themselves. It’s non-abrasive and soft so children can play on it all year round. 

You can also use it for school sports such as football or hockey.

There’s a variety of different piles and fibres. This makes it ideal to install artificial turf in schools. Here at The Turf Warehouse we can help you with choosing the right one for your children’s needs

Artificial turf is also clean, and by that we mean no more muddy footprints in the corridors on under the classroom tables. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is clean and looks the same all year round, never affected by inclement weather. So, when there’s any rain or snow, your fake grass should be just fine. There’ll be no muddy patches and no cracks in the soil when the weather’s hot. 

Perhaps you’re anxious about the price, but don’t, because artificial grass will definitely give you a return on your investment. It won’t need the same amount of care, so you’ll save on maintenance and on buying all that equipment. What you pay now you’ll get back in time and money saved on looking after natural grass. 

The Turf Warehouse – for the best in artificial turf.

If you think you’d like to invest in artificial grass for your children’s play area or sports facility, why not get in touch with us here at The Turf Warehouse and one of our team will be happy to talk you through what’s best for you. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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