Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets

Pets, in particular dogs, love the artificial grass surface, and so will you. You can give your pets the space to exercise throughout the year without any concerns about them getting muddy and bringing the mess inside or ruining your lawn by creating bald patches or digging holes.

Never Beaten on Quality, Never Beaten on Price

Artificial Grass For Pets is…

  • Great looking all year round
  • Resistant to staining from pet fouling
  • Long-lasting (period)
  • Durable – not impacted by scratching & digging
  • Clean – no mud or grass stains
  • Usable 365 days a year – no muddy bogs or puddles

Safe & Clean

Artificial grass is low-maintenance, meaning no fertiliser or pesticides being used so there is no need to worry about your pets consuming chemicals or becoming irritated by them. Not having to cut your grass allows you to forget about your pets becoming covered in freshly cut grass or even becoming grass-stained in the case of lighter haired dogs.


The artificial grass we supply is durable and long-lasting, making bald-patches, holes and discoloured patches a thing of the past. Pets won’t be able to scratch or dig through the surface and it won’t be worn out by rigorous play.

Top Tip

We recommend you choose a slightly shorter artificial grass if it is primarily going to be used by pets as, put simply, it makes it easier to clean up mess. A 20mm to 30mm grass should be ideal.

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