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Artificial Grass: The Benefits

Artificial grass has become a popular choice with both domestic and commercial customers for a variety of reasons, the benefits it offers are numerous. We’ve taken a look at just a few of these benefits and outlined them below so you can make an informed choice when looking for a new lawn.

Artificial Grass Looks Fantastic Throughout the Year

A natural grass lawn’s appearance can vary over the course of the year in line with the seasons, weather conditions and a number of other factors. The grass can become yellow, hard and dry during warm periods, while the winter season may leave the lawn a muddy and waterlogged surface that is largely unusable. Artificial grass is designed to stand up to the variations in weather conditions and temperature to remain great to look at and usable throughout the year.

Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass

A natural lawn requires consistent mowing, strimming and other maintenance to keep it in prime condition, otherwise it can start to make your garden look like a wild a messy space. With an artificial grass lawn you don’t have to worry about maintenance like this as you merely have to occasionally remove leaves and other debris and give it a little brush.

No Need For Watering

Artificial grass, of course, doesn’t require watering during dry periods to keep it in great condition as you might have to do with a natural grass lawn. The only time you may have to use a hose on your artificial grass lawn is if it becomes a bit dirty or you have pets who have fouled on the surface. However, this is very occasional and in the long run you will save water while your lawn stays looking great during sunny and dry periods. This benefit is particularly appealing to homeowners and businesses in areas that are prone to hosepipe bans.

A Safe and Durable Surface

Artificial grass lawns provide a surface that doesn’t become a muddy mess when used after a period of heavy rainfall, meaning it is less slippy and safer to use. The surface can also withstand heavy use without bald patches or dips appearing across it. This makes artificial grass perfect for areas that see heavy footfall and consistent use, including a family garden, business premises or a sports field. The artificial grass surface is also much cleaner than natural grass, which means no muddy footprints as people move from outside to inside.

Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass

Artificial grass as we have already mentioned saves water as it doesn’t need sprinklers turned on during the summer months to keep it looking great. An artificial grass surface also does away with the need for lawnmowers and strimmers, whether petrol or electric, saving energy. Artificial grass also doesn’t require the use of potentially harmful pesticides and other chemicals to keep it in prime condition, making the surface safer for pets.

Invest in Artificial Grass to Enjoy These Benefits and More

If you’re tired of the constant maintenance of a natural lawn and would like your garden to look fantastic throughout the year then an artificial grass lawn may be the perfect choice for you. Get in touch with us today to arrange your free quote for the highest quality artificial grass.

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