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5 Reasons to Invest in Artificial Turf

Struggling to think of a reason why you’d want to invest in artificial turf? Well, fear not there are lots of reasons why you should invest in artificial grass and we’re going to share at least 5 of the best with you below. Goodbye muddy patches, and hello pristine grass lawn!


Your water bills are on the up, but you can bring them down with artificial grass. Yes, you can save your precious water by investing in artificial grass. By not having to water your lawn on a regular basis you’re putting money back in your pocket and giving yourself less to do. No more sprinklers, and what’s more, the next time there’s a heat wave followed by the obligatory pipe ban, you won’t have to break into a sweat over it.

Save on other utility bills and fuel.

Not only will you save on water bills, you’ll also save electricity or fuel, depending on what your mower runs on, because an artificial lawn needs no mowing. You’ll save time and money by having a lawn that stays green, in pristine condition and the same length all year round. That’s your pocket that benefits and the environment.


Pets love our Artificial Grass, and if you own pets that are likely to run around in the garden before coming back indoors, they won’t be bringing in footprints and half the garden in with them. If they have allergies, the grass won’t give them the sneezes anymore, and from your point of view, easy pick up of solids and drainage of fluids means a tidy garden. Find out more about why artificial gras is a great benefit to pet owners here.


Kids, like pets, bring in grass and mud on their feet, and this inevitable winds up on the kitchen floor. With Artificial Grass this is no longer a problem. Children who suffer from allergies will no longer be effected or require antihistamines before playing as well, making playing outside in the garden a far more pleasurable and inclusive experience.

Artificial grass is just so good looking.

From an aesthetic point of view, it’s all win-win where artificial grass is concerned because it’s looks lush and green whatever the weather, and just looks the same all year round. As well as this it’s pretty low maintenance as we’ve seen e.g. no mowing, no hose pipe or sprinkler required.

The Turf Warehouse – for quality artificial grass lawns.

Artificial grass then is a great alternative to natural grass as our 5 reason have shown. We provide synthetic grass and to thousands of customers and having received feedback, we know that it’s a great favourite that no one ever tires of and provides a perfectly gorgeous environment in which to relax. Don’t delay, get in touch and find out how you can benefit from all that artificial grass offers. We’re a friendly team and we can’t wait to talk to you, so pick up your phone today!

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